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Subjectre: old kernels too stable

I would say that this is a GREAT thing! Marketing aside, how many
people are able to stay at version X.Y of a PC-based operating system
when version (X+1).0 or even X.(Y+1) came out? Quite often, the reason
these new versions came out was to fix bugs or stability problems in
the prior release. Granted, if you need the new kernel for your new
hardware then you have to use it, but if you are getting by with a prior
version then that should be a *testament* to it's stability. Why force an
upgrade if the user does not get anything out of it?


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From: Gokhan UNEL <>, on 5/6/96 10:22 AM:
To: <>

Hi all,

Maybe it will be somehow out of the current discussion, but i want to write

For two weeks i was in my home institue where we have 1.2.3 and alot of
good stuff. They are so happy with it that they refused to upgrade to a
kernel and programs. i could not convince even 1 person.

is this good or bad? (i would say not too good)

gokhan unel


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