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SubjectRe: Printing with .98?

Heffe writes:
>After installing 1.3.98, I noticed that I was getting MANY printer
>offline messages, and it was taking several minutes to output a few
>lines of print. Went back to .97 and everything works fine. Anyone
>else experienced this problem?

Way back when I re-wrote the parallel port driver, I got lots of
beta-testers with different kinds of printers and made *sure* that
my code ran well with all of them before I submitted my changes to
Linus. Apparantly that mode of operation is considered passe these
days, even during code freezes. Blech.

I encountered the same problem with 1.3.98. Watching the busy light
on my printer, it stayed on steadily instead of blinking normally.
There's clearly been a screwup somewhere. I haven't tried .97 on
this machine; I used to run developmental kernels on a different
machine which I no longer have available, and it wasn't connected
to the printer.


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