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SubjectRe: > 64 MB of RAM
+> Memory prices seem to be falling and I am contemplating buying more
+> memory.
+> In Documentation/, it says the following:
+> : Limit memory to low 16MB
+> : This is for some buggy motherboards which cannot properly deal with
+> : available via ftp (user: anonymous) in
+> : You also need at least 512kB
+> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
+> : of RAM cache if you have more than 64MB of RAM. Some other things
+> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
+> : to try when experiencing seemingly random, "weird" problems: 1)
+> Is the line about needing a 512kB cache true?

Well, yes and no.

With 256 K Cache, you can address only 64 MB RAM (hold it in the Cache),
if you have more RAM, you'll experience a major loss of performance, since
half of the time, you may get "cache misses" (No! No ladies for cash!!! ;-) ).

If you want to try this out, disable your cache in you BIOS. This will give
you the same experience *NOW* !!! :-)

+> In theory, my motherboard can hold up to 128MB of memory, yet I am
+> fairly certain that I am limited to a 256kB cache. (I have a Plato
+> motherboard.)

Yes - The board manufacturers are trying to spend only as much money for the
boards, as they are forced, to.

+> Kevin

Good luck, hope you may upgrade your board!



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