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SubjectRe: Linux logo
> There is no need to get gratuitously nasty.  The three people I
> presented this idea to at dinner said "Hmmm, if Linux is so great, why
> do they have to attack BSD like that?"

It was meant as a humour item for the Linux community. Internal humour
frequently isnt very funny to outsiders. I wouldnt want it as a T shirt
for example.

> 1) It is a cheap shot. The BSD camp could just as easily come
> back at you with, say, a road-pizza penguin with tire
> tracks across it and a four wheel drive truck driving off
> in the distance with deamon horns sticking out of
> windows...

I think I'd have to order one if they did. The improved suggestion for a T shirt
bounced via a few people now is a BSD daemon and Penguin shaking hands (possibly
with a GNU somewhere around) and "Free Software Is About Co-Operation" on it.

The big issue with this is we _don't_ want a daemon anywhere on a real
Linux product logo (not only because of Kirk but also because the BSD logo
is found very offensive by some religious groups).

> 2) McKusick would likely not approve of such a logo and he
> holds the trademark on the daemon. There have been many

See "Satire" in Copyright Law documents.

> more mondane uses of the logo that he's disapproved. You'd
> likely be opening yourself up for legal action. Especially
> if someone wanted to use it as artwork for a CDROM.

Ughh.. a BSD trashing CDROM logo is _definitely_ NOT what I'd want. Thats


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