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SubjectRe: adding another 16meg to make 32meg

Hi Richard,

On Mon, 6 May 1996, Richard van Hees wrote:

> First of all, linux shoudn't behave like this.

I know, my friend which gave me the memory pulled it out of his linux
system (of 40meg) and gave it to me. It worked fine on his 1.2.13 elf

> But I guess that you have your kernel configured with CONFIG_MAX_16M?

Nope, I checked this immediately when it stuffed up, there's absolutely no
reason for me to ever set this, as I've always had at least 16meg with

> By the way do you have another OS to test your new memory?

I run dos and netware, and have tested it with dos, works fine.

> and what did the BIOS say?

The bios recognised the ram, it checked the ram, himem.sys checked it,
everything was a ok on other platforms, when booting into linux, it kept
spitting the dummy.

It's a shame also, as I want 32 meg in this machine.

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