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SubjectRE: Linux logo
On Sun, 5 May 1996, Chris Hoover wrote:

> I agree. We should be allies with BSD. How about a penguin with its
> foot grinding down on an ugly waving flag? Or instead of the above
> with BSD daemon, a caricature of an ugly nerd with big glasses. I
> like that the best. Bill Gates getting his lights punched out by a
> penguin.

Hmmm, I like a big cartoon of two kangaroos in a ring, both with glasses,
one whose face is a caricature of Bill Gates, one whose face is a caricature
of Linus. The Linus kangaroo would be more buff, and punching Bill's
kangaroo's lights out. Or maybe the Gates kangaroo could be getting revived
by its trainer while the Torvalds kangaroo was holding up its gloves and
looking just a little bit smug. Linus would be wearing a sweatshirt that
says `Linux96 World Tour' and Bill could be wearing a faded one with the
`Windows 95' logo on the front.....

I doubt it would make a good logo for Linux in general, but maybe for
Linux96? It'd make a nice startup screen. :)


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