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SubjectRe: Kernels - What's in and what's out. [Re: Post 2.0 idea]

> It always amazes me how, whenever any "fantastic" thing that anyone else
> is doing, (read other OSs), people always say, "Oo, oo, Linux can do that!
> Let's stick it into the kernel!" Most of these things don't belong in the
> kernel, and besides, most of these things ALREADY exist in Linux. Like
> voice recognition, (can't remember where I saw it, but someone's already
> done it for Linux). You just have to know where to find it. I'm not trying
> to be nasty to these people who think this way, just merely saying that,
> IMHO, a simple kernel is a happy kernel - keep out the garbage!

Ok. Point taken. The idea of the original posting was NOT to include it
in the kernel. (We cannot take another 200-300K in the kernel. Bloating =
uncool) A deamon of some sort is a much better idea. I'm sorry if I've
stepped on some toes. (Just in the midst of the whole Java thing -- not
cool at all)

We all want the same thing: a better Linux, and if we step
on each others toes while going for that goal, mainly because of small
misunderstandings, well such is life. Just like JAVA support, speech
recognition doesn't belong in the kernel itself. (So let's stop this
whole thread.) I'm proud of Linux and one of the things that is great
about it is that it is so small and flexible. Lets keep it like that.

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Cool sig :)

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