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SubjectRe: how do I debug core files?
> wrote:
> >How do I examine core files?
> [snip]
> >Couldn't fetch registers from core file: File in wrong format
> >Couldn't fetch registers from core file: File in wrong format
> >#0 0x0 in ?? ()
> >(gdb)
> I'm getting this too. The problem here seems to be that gdb wants
> core files to be a.out. It can perfectly well cope with ELF
> *programs*, but can't read ELF cores.
> Is there a build time configuration for gdb that will make this
> work? I've tried "./configure i486-linux-elf" but it says it can't
> compile for that host. Trying "./configure i486-linux --target
> i486-linux-elf" made the thing build, but then it wouldn't do
> anything remotely useful for me once it had.

I'm running 1.3.91 at work and home...

I built gcc and gdb and binutils at work and home seperately...

It works at home, but not at work...

Not sure why...obviously there is something subtle that's wrong...

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