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SubjectRe: /proc/<pid>/mem unreadable
> > What about suid scripts?
> >
> suid scripts are not allowed, the setuid bit is ignored for scripts.

Of course, because that is an easy way to plug a security hole.

I was thinking that it would be good to add all the checks to
let suid scripts run in a secure manner. I think it would involve
resolving symlinks to find the true inode which would be used as
the file. Then of course the inode needs a filename, so we
generate one in /proc/suidexec. (damn unix filesystem...)

You would also need a shell that ignores $IFS and such.
You could call that a user space issue, or you could just
completely clear the environment.

This is post-2.0 of course, because it takes time to find all the
checks that are needed.

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