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SubjectRe: 1.3.98 and printer
Ronald Wahl wrote:

| Hi,
| There seems to be a bug in the lp module of 1.3.98. I get only a "printer
| off-line" message. If I switch to 1.3.97 it will work perfectly.

I get a somewhat different set of symptoms. I have an Epson Color
Stylus printer (the original, about 1 year old) hooked to my home
machine through the parallel port. I brought up 1.3.98, and now see
that /var/log/messages, has lots of printer off-line messages, as I
print netscape pages (via ghostscript lpr filter). I suspect the
printer is using the off-line bit to flow control the host. Maybe,
the kernel should only report the error if there has been no response,
in say 5 minutes.

Michael Meissner, Cygnus Support (East Coast)
Suite 105, 48 Grove Street, Somerville, MA 02144, USA, 617-629-3016 (office), 617-629-3010 (fax)

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