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SubjectRe: .98 lp.o not working, .97 OK
On Mon, 6 May 1996, Eyal Lebedinsky wrote:

> lp.o just says "kernel: lp1 off-line" repeatedly. It does print something
> after a while (a page every few minutes) but it is useless.

I get the repeated messages too (over 1 per second while I'm printing),
and was wondering if it was the kernel or just something caused by a lot
of local printer changes here (changing to a different physical printer,
moving from /dev/lp1 to /dev/lp0, and enabing IRQ-based printing instead
of the default polling mode) within the past couple of days.

However, I just printed a 120 page .dvi file without problems (save for
the messages in syslog).

I just checked the 1.3.98 patchfile, and sure enough, lp.c changed in this
area. I'll take a look at it later unless someone else fixes it first.

> I load lp.o as a module, if it matters.

Me too, with kerneld.

> BTW, lp.o is used in it's default (polling) mode. I never got it to work
> with interrupts (I tried to set "io=0,0x378,0 irq=0,7,0" and the startup
> message said "(irq = 7)" but I never saw one character printed.

Hmm, works fine here. I just added "options lp io=0x378 irq=7" to
/etc/conf.modules. Note that this will make your printer /dev/lp0
instead of /dev/lp1.

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