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SubjectStrange brew...

I have a question for ya's all. A friend of mine just got a distribution
of Linux (InfoMagic), and began to install. Below is his hardware as he
sent to me. The problem is that Linux wouldn't properly find his CD-ROM,
and now it finally did, but M$ Lose '95 seems to think it's gone... He's
starting to think that somehow it got damaged now, something I told him I
don't believe is possible, but neither of us have an idea. Perhaps
someone ehre could shed some light upon it, or at least give us some
ideas where to look.

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Date: Sun, 5 May 1996 14:48:06 +0000
From: Jay Atkinson <>
Subject: My Hardware Specs goes.

Intel 486DX4 100 16Meg RAM

Monitor (no documentation available)
CTX 1451ES
It seems to run fine under Windows at 800X600 72Hz and hrzfreq around
48.1 kHz.

SVGA Video Card
Diamond Stealth32 PCI local bus (bus speed on board is up to 33MHz)
RAMDAC ATT20C491 (determined by SuperProbe)
ClockChip IC2061A5C-1 (by looking at the card itself)
VideoRam 1024K
Chipset ET4000/W32P (rev a)

PCI Primary IDE interface (irq 14)
Master 1.6 Gig drive running Windows95 and DOS (hda1)
Slave 426Meg drive running one DOS partition and 3 linux
partitions (one swap about 16Meg)

PCI Secondary IDE interface (irq 15) (interface is on the

No Ethernet, no SCSI

Modem on COM4 28.8K

Microsoft Compatible Mouse on COM1

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