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SubjectRe: UFS support broken? (fwd)
   From: Jim Nance <>
Date: Mon, 6 May 1996 06:40:52 -0400 (EDT)

> From: Chris Ricker <>

> Is development of ufs still continuing during the code freeze (since it's
> experimental), and if so, do those of you involved in the ufs support
> need/want any more info about my setup?

UFS is being development is being pushed by the Linux/Sparc group so they
can read SunOS (and perhaps Solaris?) file systems. As far as I know,
it only works under the Sparc (I tried it on the alpha, and it can't
read Digital Unix file systems either).

ecd, krioles, and I have the block mapping fixed, and almost are done
with the byte swapping code necessary to have things work on little
endian machines...

in fact we have Linus lined up to test the code on a 1gig UFS disk on
his AXP ;-)

David S. Miller

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