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SubjectKernels - What's in and what's out. [Re: Post 2.0 idea]
On Sat, 4 May 1996, Kevin Buettner wrote:
> > Linux is at the forefront of developments. (Pat yourselves on the back
> > guys...) Last nigh I had this interresting idea (post 2.0) while talking to
> > somebody about the upcomming OS/2 Merlin. Apparently Merlin will have voice
> > recognition in the OS. Won't that be nice in Linux... Any takers for this
> > huge effort? I for one will definately help implementing it.
> Voice recognition sounds really cool, but it doesn't belong in the kernel.
> Don't be misled by the reports of various vendors jumping onto the bandwagon
> and adding support for Java in the OS. I think that all this really means
> is that support for Java will come bundled with the base OS. (I.e, the
> Java VM and a certain base set of classes will come along with the OS.
> You won't need to purchase them as a seperate product.) I don't think
> this means that there will be any tight integration into the kernel. (And
> I don't think there should be.)

It always amazes me how, whenever any "fantastic" thing that anyone else
is doing, (read other OSs), people always say, "Oo, oo, Linux can do that!
Let's stick it into the kernel!" Most of these things don't belong in the
kernel, and besides, most of these things ALREADY exist in Linux. Like
voice recognition, (can't remember where I saw it, but someone's already
done it for Linux). You just have to know where to find it. I'm not trying
to be nasty to these people who think this way, just merely saying that,
IMHO, a simple kernel is a happy kernel - keep out the garbage!

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