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SubjectRE: Too much traffic on this list
>I really would like to join the linux-kernel mailing list, but there is simply
>too much traffic for me. I have a limit of 100 mails per day, and I'd like to
>get other mails than those from linux-kernel, too.
>I think many messages on the list (e.g. concerning network cards) would be more
>appropriate on another mailing list (linux-net?). Couldn't this be changed (or,
>if necessary, the list be splitted?)
>Or has anybody a suggestion how I could take part in the list as it is without
>drowning in mails?

I agree with you somewhat, but it is difficult to maintain a low level of
posts on
such an important list, and it is really hard to avoid duplication,
especially when
something important breaks (Makefile in 1.3.96 I believe)

I have two suggestions:
1> Don't subscribe, and do what I do, access and
read the list as
it is archived. This is what I do, and I don't have a limit on email.

2> Get a better Internet subscriber that doesn't limit your email. While
Compuserve, AOL, etc
are nice for beginners on the Internet, or for people in some out of the way
places, there are
many local Internet providers around the nation that provide unlimited
access to all Internet
services for a fraction of the cost of a major Internet provider. There are
also some medium
sized nationwide services that offer almost unlimited access for a
reasonable price as well.
Just consider it.

Thanks for the input!
Matt Hartley

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