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SubjectRe: Logging More Messages?

> > I have LOTS of boot messages, and they are not all logged. They
> > are only viewable using scroll-back. What can I do, if anything,
> > to have them all logged?
> Edit syslogd.conf and make sure all the different kinds of messages are
> going to some place. You do know there is more than one syslog message
> file don't you (i.e. syslog, messages, debug)

The problem:
Some are early messages missing, but the first msg _logged_ is
always a partial sentence.

I assume this happens because sysklogd reads the messages from
the scrollback buffer after it is started, in order to log
messages which have gone by already. It just isn't reading back
far enough, as the info is there in the scrollback buffer
(I can see it).

So my guess would be: a) sysklogd needs to be fixed to read
further back, or b) the kernel needs to tell sysklogd there
are more messages available, c) I need to kick the computer
around the room.

It isn't a syslogd.conf problem AFAIK. I have all kernel
messages going to a kernel log, no matter the priority
(kern.* /var/adm/kernel). The messages don't appear,
or are incomplete in the logs - any log.

Thanks for your comments.

Andrew E. Mileski
Linux Plug-and-Play Project

"They took away his CPU power. They killed his girlfriend.
Now he is out for REVENGE!...Linus...The Power User!" - B.A. Lindstrom

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