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SubjectRe: SCSI DAT problems
>I upgraded the kernel from 1.3.74 to 1.3.9[57]; now I cannot access my
>DAT drive anymore. I do
>> tar cvf /dev/tape some_file
>(/dev/tape is a soft link to st0)
>The light of the DAT drive flushes about 5 times. From then on DAT drive
>sits there and do nothing :-(
>The tar process hangs in D state.
>First I thought, that the new st driver make the problem; but I compiled
>1.3.95 with the st sources from 1.3.74 (I hope I got all the files which
>belong to the st driver :-O
>But that wasn't the problem; maybe the new (3.0) aic7xxx driver is the

Known bug in the latest aic7xxx driver (introduced in 1.3.92). Get
the patch file at:

It should work for 1.3.92+.

Dan Eischen

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