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Subjectflock warnings
 Hello, I just joined this mailing list, hopefully someone knows whats wrong:
I just upgraded to kernel 1.3.95 from 1.3.72, with a system that was
initially slackware 2.something, but now supports compiling in ELF, along
with other things... However, after installing 1.3.95 these flock
warnings started sprouting up on the console coming from all sorts of
different processes... so thanks to the suggestion of people on #linux of
irc, I installed libc-5.3.12 and libc-4.7.5 by untarring it into the root
directory. That didnt stop any of the flock warnings, so I took another
person's suggestion and did ldconfig -v and then recompiled the kernel...
There are still as many flock warnings as before.
Does anyone know of someone who has managed to get rid of the flock
warnings and how they did it? (hopefully it didnt take commenting out the
warning in the kernel)
Also, what is flock warning about? Is there a real danger that should be
worried about?

Thanks for your help,

I looked in the man page and asked on the #linux channel of irc... but
there doesnt seem to be an option that makes tar overwrite symlinks..
it seems like an option that people would want.. I wonder if Im just
overlooking something..
(however, I did go through all the files that were reported by tar and
symlinked them correctly)

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