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SubjectRe: 1.3.97 unreliable
Tim Towers writes:

> I am, for the first time finding the linux kernel 1.3.97 and
> libc-5.3.12 unreliable.
> This is puzzling. I have found it slow before, sometimes broken and
> possibly wonderful but never unreliable.
> When rebooting sometimes it stops in the last stages saying
> "no more processes at runlevel 6", sometimes it reboots alright.
> When starting up sometimes syslogd doesn't start and I end up with
> kernel messages over my running console. If syslogd failed to start
> up, it can be started by hand all right.
> Sometimes characters get lost on their way to the modem.
> As mentioned in the 'net' mailing list, I am also having intermittant
> networking problems. I am at present writing this mail on the xterm which
> a few minutes ago was unpingable from my linux box.
> I have lurked on the mailing list (well, if you
> must know) and haven't seen any of these problems being reported by
> anyone else, which is why they worry me in particular. Perhaps I am
> imagining them, since we know that linux is bug-free :-)

You've just convinced me to hold off on running libc-5.3.x for a while

I'm running 1.3.97 with no problems whatsoever. It actually feels
like we're getting close to 2.0.


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