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SubjectRe: X Windows and PPP
On Wed, 1 May 1996, David McGlumphy wrote:

> Hello all,
> Someone wrote before about their ppp connection dropping when
> they started X up. Did anyone find a solution? Nothing has changed on
> this machine except the kernel version. I have no idea when this started,
> as it was a long time ago and I've just been putting up with it, hoping a
> newer kernel would fix it. The machine is a P90 with 8 megs ram/20 meg
> swap and never had any problems before. I can restart ppp after loading
> X, but it would be nice to not have the connection break every time I
> start it. Any ideas?
> Dave
Hmm, how much ram do you have ? and do you have LCP Echos crossing the
ppp link to make sure it's still up ? I think that pppd is being swaped
out on you, and so can't reply quickly enough for the other end to keep
the connection going (I think that it's pppd that deals with the LCP
Echos). If that's the case (you'd need to be short of memory when X
started up too), then turning off the LCP echos will fix it (though it
may stop a droped connection being detected so soon too). If the LCP
Echos are handled in the kernel portion, then I've no idea tho.

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