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Subjectkernelnames-0.1 ;-) (was Re: Whee, Greased HedgeHog on Steroids, take 2)
>>>>> "Derrik" == Derrik Pates <> writes:

Derrik> On Wed, 1 May 1996, Edward S. Marshall wrote:
>> On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Andrew C. Esh wrote:
>> > 0 Chicken (which came first?)
>> > 1 GroundHog
>> > 2 Ostrich
>> > 3 HedgeHog
>> > 4 Penguin
>> > 5 Kitten
>> > 6 Owl
>> > 7 Shrew
>> > 8 Rabbit
>> > 9 Hawk
>> You forgot the penguin. Maybe throw in a platypus for good measure too.
>> Hmm...might need to start doing hex version numbers, just so we can add in
>> a few more animals here...whadd'ya think, Linus? :-)

Actually, he forgot an animal for major version 0, aren't there still
people using versions of 0.99.*?

About 2 weeks ago I posted code on this list to translate the Linux
version number into a symbolic name like (for /etc/issue):

Welcome to Miranova Systems Linux 1.3.97 (Killer Penguin).

I've now fleshed out the idea a little better and added Andrew's
taxonomy of names as an option. I've put the updated code at:

It's 4k compressed.

Now you too can do stuff like:
$ /sbin/eshname 1.2.13
1.2.13 (Greased Ostrich selling Pot)
$ /sbin/eshname 1.3.95
1.3.95 (Greased HedgeHog on Steroids)
$ /sbin/eshname 2.0.0
2.0.0 (Turbocharged Chicken doing LSD)
$ /sbin/eshname
1.3.97 (Greased HedgeHog on Hot Java)

Or, if you prefer Linus' names:
$ /sbin/linusname 1.3.72
$ /sbin/linusname 1.3.68
1.3.68 (Greased Turkey)
$ /sbin/linusname 1.3.67
1.3.67 (Codename "Greased Weasel")
$ /sbin/linusname 1.3.93
1.3.93 (Greased HedgeHog on Steroids)
$ /sbin/linusname
1.3.97 (Killer Penguin)

The code that does this works with ash, bash or zsh, and uses only
/bin/cut, thus making it suitable for use on a floppy disk root

Here's the README:
This is the second release of kernelnames. This is a small simple
system for either assigning your own symbolic names to Linux kernels,
or using the ones Linus gives them. Now included is Andrew C. Esh's
idea of generating names solely from version numbers.

To install put the configuration .conf files in /etc. Put the scripts
linusname and eshname in /sbin, and make a symbolic link from one of
them to kernelname:
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1282 May 2 17:04 /sbin/eshname*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 May 2 17:03 /sbin/kernelname -> linusname*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 601 May 2 17:02 /sbin/linusname*

Included is code to initialize /etc/issue (the file printed before
console login) and the XDM greeting. A sample.xdm file illustrates
what needs to go into the xdm startup in order to initialize it properly.
The included sample.xdm requires that your original
/var/X11R6/lib/xdm/Xresources file get renamed to
/var/X11R6/lib/xdm/ It's set up this way to make it
harder to accidentally trash something.

The provided scripts use nothing other basic sh constructs suitable
for ash, and /bin/cut, thus they will easily fit into a floppy disk
root filesystem.
-- baur
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