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SubjectRe: [NOISE]: Logo Discussion
From: Laszlo Vecsey <>
> I think those are the above two logos that really stood out from the crowd
> (/~jeremiah/linux-pix/). A penguin combination would look much better with
> the first image mentioned above, compared to the one that was put together
> with /~jeremiah/linux-pix/linuxlogos1.jpg. The first two URLs are the most
> professional ones from the group.

No, they look like Homer Simpson. Here's a better penguin:
It is still cute and content, plus it has (good) personality.
It also looks like a penguin.

I'd get rid of the "2" and "SPARC", but the penguin is right.
If you move the word "Linux" directly under the penguin it
would be perfect. It would look good in 2 colors too.

There's also a link to a jpg of _real_ penguins. You can look
at the jpg to see why the Homer Simpson penguins are not right.
(it has to do with the beak shape, mostly)

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