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SubjectProblems with INN and new libc/ etc
Hi ...

I've isolated a problem lately since upgrading my original Salckware 3.0
system to libc-5.2.18, and gcc-2.7.2 (other non connected
upgrades as well).

What happens is that I get no permissions in the script that runs slurp
during my news gathering (see below) and also a REAL problem, in that
nntpsend will not send any news out at all.

I originally assumed that INN was affected by this new flock() handling
and recompiled (as this fixed sendmail-8.7.5 for me) but it had no effect
at all.

Next I tried going back through some of the previous images I had made
working back from the current pre2.0.9 through some of the high 1.3.xx
kernels but all the ones I had made no diference.

Evetually I booted on a 1.3.45 image made from the original Slackware 3.0
installation setup libc-5.0.9, gcc-2.7.0 etc. This cleared up both the
problems straight away.

This was what the slurp script threw up at te end of a normal ISP connect :-

-> 205 goodbye
slurp: write_hostfile: error unlinking
/usr/lib/news/ Permission denied
slurp: write_hostfile: error renaming
/usr/lib/news/ to
/usr/lib/news/ Permission denied
Wrote 0 Message-IDs to /usr/lib/news/
Processed 4 new, 0 duplicate, 0 missing articles

These are the errors returned by running nntpsend manually as news :-

nntpsend: [204] start
Can't open "/usr/lib/news/shlock232", Permission denied
cat: /usr/lib/news/ No such file or directory
nntpsend: [228:230] locked Wed May 29 22:13:24 GMT 1996
Can't open "/usr/lib/news/shlock275", Permission denied
cat: /usr/lib/news/ No such file or directory
nntpsend: [228:273] locked Wed May 29 22:13:29 GMT 1996
nntpsend: [204] stop

NEITHER of these problems were due to wrong file attributes/owners and
booting with an original Slackware 3.0 built 1.3.45 kernel cured it.

Now I realise that this isn't a kernel issue as such, rather one of
lib, gcc or ld but has it raises a few questions :-

1. Has anyone else experienced this - if so what is the fix ?

2. Can some notes be added to the Changes file to warn of the potential
problem ?

3. Any ideas as to what I should do to circumvent the problem (apart
from going back to the old versions) ?

Cheers, Martin.
Martin Vernon, Sysop GB7OS/GB7OSP, Chairman GCPG, IP Co-ordinator N. Wales
GW6HVA@GB7OSP,, e-mail:
Voice: +44 589 900 564 Data: GB7OSP V32.bis, 8N1, ANSI +44 1492 872 467

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