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Subjecti586 kernel optimizations?
I was curious as to why Rober L Krawitz's memcpy patches for the i586 had
not been implemented into the kernel?? I run pre2.0.8 with the patch, and
the speed increase is easily noticed, especially if you run Byte unix bench
to get some numbers to back up your facts. The patch was for 1.3.90 I believe,
but it still works. Here is his address for his sig file:
Robert Krawitz <>

Also, does anyone know of any other good patches to increase performance that
haven't been implemented into the kernel over the 1.3 series?? I have an old
sched.c patch that hasn't been fully implemented that I plan on trying next,
but beyond that I am forced to use kernel and gcc optimizations unless I
can find more patches to test.

Matt Hartley

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