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SubjectRe: Hitachi IDE 4X CD-ROM cdr-7730
On Fri, 31 May 1996 21:30:25 -0800 "C.H. Chang" <>

>Because my original cd-rom driver "NEC 4X CD-ROM CDR-273"is breakdown,
>I want to buy a new CD-ROM driver.
>I am considering to buy "Hitachi IDE 4X cdr-7730"!
>Does anyone have a Hitachi 4X IE CD-ROM CDR-7730?
>Could it run well under LiNUX?
>Is anyone has this device,how about tell me its performance?
>Thanks in advance!
>Dept. of Civil Engineering
> Tamkang University

What has this to do with linux-kernel??

Wait a minute before saying 'nothing'...

I have one of these on my P5-100. Works great under Linux, BUT every
time I reboot to MS-DOS/W95 I can no more see it. I have to press
the reset button or power off the machine to make it usable again
under M$'s OSs.

I tried to reset explicitly the IDE interface by adding a reset pulse
just before hard_reset_now, but it didn't work.

It can be a M$ fault, but I suspect that the Linux kernel is in some way
involved here.


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