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SubjectRe: packages and the kernel (long, sorry...)
On Fri, 31 May 1996, Michel LESPINASSE wrote:

> Basically I would like to be able to type something like "setpackage
> libc-5.3.18" before my make install or my tar xvzopf, and the kernel
> would remember for me that any new files it creates are part of this
> package. This would allow for a much more generalistic solution.
IMHO you are forgetting that UNIX is a multiuser multiprocess system
and then not all the files that you creates have to belong to the
package, they can belong to other sesion.

I think that this is a user-related question, not a kernel-related

> The other way would be to modify a file system so that he's able to
> update this package database himself. Probably this would require a bit
> more code in the kernel, but on the other hand it should be faster,
> because this information would be stored directly with the filesystem
> information. It shouldn't be so big as it seems first, because this file
> system would only have to add package information in the filesystem (just
> as currently it stores acces rights and the like), and all the
> intelligent tools we want to have to handle packages would be implemented
> as scripts running in userspace anyway. I fact, I really prefer this
> second solution, I think there wouldn't be *so much* to add to get it to
> work.

I think that this solution has two problems:
- you have to add a field to one inode
- What type have this field ....

Bye, Juan.

PS. Pardon for my poor English.

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