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Subjectsmb_receive: receive error: -512

I'm having problems with smbfs. After editing a text file with vim (vim
3.0), I got an error:

kernel: smb_receive: receive error: -512

and vim locks up until I kill it. Note that you can locks up vim when
writing the file with ":w", but when you type ":wq" nothing happens, well
the file is write and vim exit happily :)

No problems with pico, xedit ...

I don't know what's the meaning of smb error -512, maybe an error from
vim? or just a bug from smfs?

System: Linux 1.99.9 #1-pre-2.0
smbfs as module

Regards - Alfredo

Alfredo Sanjuan, Director Tecnico, Internet Business Development S.L., Spain
Mail2: (
Tlf. : +34-43-474930

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