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SubjectRe: system hangs, out of memory ?

On Fri, 31 May 1996, Herbert Rosmanith wrote:

> So, since the machine still reacts to ICMP echo request/reply, what do you
> think about the hack to create a new ICMP subtype: "icmp reboot". if the
> network layer detects such a packet (from a particular IP and/or ether-
> address), it will simply call "hard_reset_now" ...
> comments ?

the watchdog driver detects such hangs if the kernel is still running. If
system services are partly or totally unusable, then the driver will
reboot the system (first soft, the hard reboot).

What you can do is making the driver detect ICMP messages to turn on this
behaviour, thus the system will reboot only if you want it. You'll have to
provide some security mechanizm too if you want to make this safe as well.

-- mingo

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