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SubjectMD driver

I have not seen anything on the list in the last two about 1.99.x kernels
so I am assuming the list is lagging way behind. So I figured the fastest
way to get this out was through you ..
Well the problem is that the MD block drivers are not working in the new
1.99.7 to 1.99.9 kernel they broke in 7 since I saw there was an added
200 or so lines to this driver and saw nothing in the sources to indicate
a change in how the driver is to perform different than before..
The boot up gives a complete file system error with all md devices it will
load the md driver with no complaints. The system then check the md mounts
(it says nothing about a file system error) then begins to mount and a
list of inodes that are reported longer than the file system (the kernel
Now.. on reboot to the old kernel the file system is corrupt and has to
delete inodes that are reported deleted.....
(I had at first run of 1.99.7 to allow fsck to try to fix the file system,
thinking that it was really corrupt (I learned the hard way here) and lost
over 500 megs of archives...) well booting back in to the old kernel and
fixing the errors everything seems to go ok..
I am real new to some of this (only working in linux for about 3 months..)
so I really don't know how to show you the syslog from the bad boots. I
did look in the syslog but couldn't find anything on the bad boots...

Oh and by the way... Am i the only one running md devices?
I have put together parts of different devices

# mdtab entry for /dev/md0
/dev/md0 linear,4k,0,9254753d /dev/sda11 /dev/sda12 /dev/hda2
# mdtab entry for /dev/md1
/dev/md1 linear,4k,0,391386d6 /dev/sda6 /dev/sda7 /dev/sda8 /dev/sda9
# mdtab entry for /dev/md2
/dev/md2 linear,4k,0,afb63cf7 /dev/sda10 /dev/hda3 /dev/hda5

it seemd to work flawlessly up until now...

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Jacksonville FL
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Philip Hempel


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