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SubjectRe: Patch for netlink driver
On Thu, 30 May 1996, Herbert Rosmanith wrote:

> > I have been poking around in an attempt to get a useful IPX tunnel set
> > up. I thought it could be done entirely from user mode, but I was
> > wrong: using a SOCK_PACKET, one does not receive IPX packets originating
> > locally (doh!).
> hm, what do you mean ? if you are tunelling IPX packets, is there a need
> at all to receive locally (=on your machine) generated traffic ? are you trying
> to move IPX over IP ?

That's precisely what I'm doing - I have access to a 1.2.8 box that is
connected to the net and sits on the same network as our NetWare server.
While at home I use the netlink driver to get packets into/out of the
kernel, send them across a TCP connection to the 1.2.8 box where I use a
SOCK_PACKET socket to send/receive packets. Basically, dot (my home box)
thinks that is has an ethercard on the Novell network. Perhaps I'll seek
out the RFC on IPX tunnelling and bring it up to spec.

I had tried the ipxtunnel package off of sunsite, but it was basically a
bridge over TCP/IP, and because of the behaviour of packet sockets, I
couldn't connect locally. I am using ncpfs to access files off of the
NetWare server, and am also playing with SPX connections (we have a
CD-ROM server that uses SPX for its communications). Back in the .50's I
hacked a basic SPX implementation together, but I haven't moved it along
(my test machine went away). It'll probably get revived for 2.1.


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