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SubjectRe: Documentation
Alain Knaff wrote:

> We could extend the module utilities to understand the following:
> insmod floppy.o -string floppy=0,4,cmos
> Or even better:
> insmod floppy.o 0,4,cmos
> which would place 0,4,cmos into an static variable called argv in the
> module. We could make this a char **, in order to allow for more than
> one argument.

Yes, almost precisely what I'd like. With a little big of reorganisation,
the scanner in main.c could be made available to all modules, we'd
just pass it the argument string.

Then we should teach insmod that the syntax:

insmod floppy=0,4,cmos


insmod floppy.o argv="0,4,cmos"

This breaks none of the current insmod behaviour while providing identical
parameter handling for built-in and loadable modules.

Grant R. Guenther

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