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    Subjectpre2.0.9 (was Re: CD-ROM Access Crashes)

    On Wed, 29 May 1996, Leonard N. Zubkoff wrote:
    > There's still some work to be done so that requests can partially
    > succeed when the medium error is not for the first block.
    > I think the code I once sent you for scsi.c / sd.c does this already.
    > (But similar code is required for sr.c etc.)
    > I've been looking over the code you sent, and I'm afraid it doesn't really work
    > right. In the case of ISA bounce buffers being used, for example, the data for
    > the partial transfer will not have been transferred to the correct memory
    > locations. Allowing a command to partially complete is harder than it looks at
    > first glance.

    Note that you might want to try out #9 of the pre-2.0 series. There were
    still some problems in the generic read handling when errors occurred, and I
    hope those are finally fixed (knock wood - the code is certainly not trivial,
    and I haven't been able to test). Pre-#9 also contains the SCSI fixes from
    Leonard, so people who have seen problems with SCSI cd's, could you please
    check this out and see if we have them more-or-less nailed now?


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