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SubjectRe: Alan's bug catalogue

Stepen Drew wrote,

> > time. the pentium is still up and has not spilled out a single double
> > lock on device queue message, since i compiled and installed a custom
> > kernel. i _GOT_ the message (plus the usual socket destroy delayed flood),
> > when I booted with the kernel from the 486er which had the SMC driver compile
> d
> > in and I used the 3c509 driver as a module.
> Hi All,
> I compiled the 3com 509 driver as a module (kernel 1.99.8) and I get
> the double lock on device queue message followed by the flood of socket
> destroyed delayed messages whereas Axel doesn't (the machine is an old
> 386, 4Mb Ram which I use as a printer server) Very Strange! :)
that's wrong. I got them, _WHEN_ I used the 3c509 driver as module.
now the 3c509 driver is directly compiled into the kernel and the
double lock on device queue message wasn't seen anymore.

i'll take this as a hint and build/use a kernel WITHOUT ANY modules support.
perhaps the problem isn't in the networking at all :-(. this is
_really_ strange :-)


Axel Kohlmeyer email:
Abteilung fuer Theoretische Chemie Universitaet Ulm D-89069 Ulm/Donau

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