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SubjectRe: Alan's bug catalogue

On Thu, 30 May 1996, Axel Kohlmeyer wrote:

> hi everybody,
> > Double lock on device queue/socket destroy delayed repeatedly
> 'Double lock on device queue' has been getting worse for the last
> 1.99.x kernel revisions on my machine (486DX 33MHz with SMC Ultra).
> i suspect there is an unhealthy interaction between device
> drivers and the networking code. I lately copied the complete linux
> system from my machine to a 486DX40 with a ne2000-compatible NIC and
> a pentium 166MHz with a 3com509 NIC. while doing some testing, I got
> double lock on device queue message with the ne2000 and the SMC card (on my
> machine) but not with 3com card. all machines were running 1.99.7 at that
> time. the pentium is still up and has not spilled out a single double
> lock on device queue message, since i compiled and installed a custom
> kernel. i _GOT_ the message (plus the usual socket destroy delayed flood),
> when I booted with the kernel from the 486er which had the SMC driver compiled
> in and I used the 3c509 driver as a module.

Hi All,
I compiled the 3com 509 driver as a module (kernel 1.99.8) and I get
the double lock on device queue message followed by the flood of socket
destroyed delayed messages whereas Axel doesn't (the machine is an old
386, 4Mb Ram which I use as a printer server) Very Strange! :)

Stephen Drew

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