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SubjectRe: syslog TIOCSETD EINVAL in pre2.0.9
My mistake; I forgot that I had been swapping defconfig files around,
and rebuilt 2.0.9 with the default defconfig instead of my standard one.
This didn't strike me at first since pppd usually points out that ppp
is missing from the kernel, rather than generating TIOCSETD errors.

In article <> I wrote:
>I just built pre2.0.9 and tried to run dip-3.3.7n to start pppd 2.2.0e.
>syslog-1.2 reports "syslog: ioctl(TIOCSETD): Invalid argument" and
>the connection is not established (no routes, etc.). I backed out to
>pre2.0.8 and things started working again.
> Chris Metcalf -- MIT Lab for Computer Science, +1 617 253 7766
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