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SubjectRe: Alan's bug catalogue
In article <>,
Alan Cox <> wrote:
>TCP hang 2.0 pre7

Maybe that's the same: sendmail (8.7.5) hangs while connect() with no
timer running (pre7, 8, 9):

tcp 0 0
SYN_SENT myself off (0.00/0)

then connect() never fails and sendmail hangs until it's killed.

One host is a Novell Mailer (Mercury), the other a unix machine running
sendmail (don't know the OS).

I'm seeing this behavioir on two different machines, one running
sendmail8.7.5, libc5.2.18, the other a.out 4.6.27, so I suspect a kernel
problem (I was even able to duplicate the stopped timer with the 'socket'
program, no sendmail involved).

>Odd tunnel behaviour report (SIOC errors while loaded)

they're gone with pre9, no problems anymore. I think it was the kerneld
problem you talked about.

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