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SubjectRe: Further problem with 1.3.100, hangs on booting
  Date: 	Wed, 29 May 1996 20:40:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: "J. Scott Thayer" <>

My previous question was answered very quickly and I thank those
people. The kernel compiled without a hiccup but hangs during
booting. Any insight would be appreciated. I believe there is a
problem with the SCSI controller portion of the boot. The last
2 lines displayed before everything just hangs are:

scsi:***** Buslogic SCSI Driver Version 1.3.2 of 16 April 1996
scsi:Copyright 1995 by Leonard N. Zubkoff <>

After that it just freezes. Any suggestions?

Well, that certainly doesn't look promising. First question: do you have a
BusLogic SCSI controller, and if so, which one? I'll leave this reply on the
list so people can see it's being handled, but let's take further discussion
offline. It would probably be wise to move to the latest kernel (2.0pre9 as of
this monent) before debugging further as well.


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