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SubjectRe: Reorganize kernel mailing lists(was Re: majordomo problems?)
From said:
> It would be nice if a form of semi-moderation could be implemented: a
> list of person has permission to post, the others have to pass
> through a moderator. This might be impractical if no-one has enough
> time to moderate the postings.

Maybe post-moderation: people who misbehave (in the eyes of The Moderator) get
one warning, and are blocked out afterwards (from posting, and probably from
subscribing - why load the list server for them?). Blocked persons get _one_
new chance to get onto the list again (again with one last, final warning). To
make it more friendly, a weekly FAQ posting should point this out clearly,
with the reasoning behind it, and should also have the current FAQ's about the

The only problem is that the blacklist might grow out of proportions :-)

Cees de Groot <>
OpenLink Software, Inc.

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