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Subjectupgrading is hell (sheepish grin)
I've been using Linux long enough that I should know to read between the
lines _very_ carefully.

The binary distribution of libc 5.2.18 contains the latest include files
I needed, which do things like define stat() properly. It might not be
a bad idea to hint in the kernel victims list that unless you really,
really know what you're doing, it's not a bad idea to just upgrade to
all the latest libc and binutil and gcc to avoid problems. I had gcc
2.7.2 that I compiled myself last year, but it's not quite compatible
with the new binutils and libc 4.7.6. Although I always liked compiling
gcc myself I'm getting HJ's binary distribution.

It looks like I'm basically going ELF anyway; I seem to have just barely
enough room to manage it for now.

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