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SubjectReorganize kernel mailing lists(was Re: majordomo problems?)
On Tue, 28 May 1996, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:

> From: (Alan Cox)
> Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 23:19:45 +0100 (BST)
> Because then we would have to create some new mail lists that were not full
> of junk cros posts and flame wars. Linux-kernel has got to the point where
> the serious work is being done in secret little mailing lists, let alone the
> state of usenet.
> Indeed. If you think the flame wars on linux-kernel are bad, you should
> take a look at comp.os.linux.development.system. I just caught up on
> three months of c.o.l.d.s on my way back from Berlin, and most of it was
> complete drivel, even more worthless that the Linux-kernel list has
> gotten.

Which is quite sad, but inevitable. A quite thorough reorganization seems
to be in order. At least a division in linux-kernel-{bugs,design,misc}
would be nice.

> The problem is short of forming secret mailing lists, there's no way to
> keep the idiots from posting. This is unfortunate, given Linux's
> previous open heritage, but we have to get the work done somehow.
It would be nice if a form of semi-moderation could be implemented:
a list of person has permission to post, the others have to pass through a
moderator. This might be impractical if no-one has enough time to moderate
the postings.

Another nice thing would be, as already proposed, some kind of read-only
access, via mail in the form of digests or via the web. The problem is
either scrambling the posting address in the digests or allowing only some
persons to post, whichever is easier to implement.

This is IMHO necessary, to let people who want keep current on
kernel development and, most important, not to render too difficult the
partecipation of people who want and can contribute (how could they, if
they don't know what's going on ?) without exposing busy people to
diatribes on tcp filters and such.

> (I apologize for my contributing to the CONFIG_RANDOM flamage. I am
> trying very hard not to reply to most of the messages on the thread.
> This is very difficult, especially for the ones with grossly inaccurate
> factoids.)
> - Ted

Luca Lizzeri

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