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SubjectRe: upgrading is hell

On Thu, 30 May 1996, Steve VanDevender wrote:

> I just decided to take the plunge and upgrade to the latest pre2.0 linux
> (I'm a late adopter).
> So first I upgraded to libc 4.7.6, then I tried to compile pre2.0.9.
> I got almost all the way through the kernel build, then I got to
> building arch/i386/tools/build, and it failed to link saying "undefined
> symbol stat".
> I find that using libc 4.7.6 I can't compile anything that has stat() in
> it; stat() apparently isn't in libc 4.7.6. I got pre2.0.9 to compile
> by changing stat() to __stat() in build.c, but I can't compile much of
> anything else without stat().
> What did I do wrong?

He he, I got the same problem. You need not only libc.4.7.6.gz, but full
package (libc.4.7.6.bin.tar.gz or something like this). If you can't find
this, grab and untar libc.4.7.5.tar.gz and then libc.4.7.6.gz. There are
some include files in the package that you need...

Hope this helps


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