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SubjectRe: Alan's bug catalogue
hi everybody,
> Double lock on device queue/socket destroy delayed repeatedly
'Double lock on device queue' has been getting worse for the last
1.99.x kernel revisions on my machine (486DX 33MHz with SMC Ultra).

i suspect there is an unhealthy interaction between device
drivers and the networking code. I lately copied the complete linux
system from my machine to a 486DX40 with a ne2000-compatible NIC and
a pentium 166MHz with a 3com509 NIC. while doing some testing, I got
double lock on device queue message with the ne2000 and the SMC card (on my
machine) but not with 3com card. all machines were running 1.99.7 at that
time. the pentium is still up and has not spilled out a single double
lock on device queue message, since i compiled and installed a custom
kernel. i _GOT_ the message (plus the usual socket destroy delayed flood),
when I booted with the kernel from the 486er which had the SMC driver compiled
in and I used the 3c509 driver as a module.

hope this helps,

p.s.: as mentioned in earlier mails, if i wouldn't run xntpd i would see the
socket destroy delayed flood, too, on my machine. if i kill xntpd "hell
breakes loose". ;-)

Axel Kohlmeyer email:
Abteilung fuer Theoretische Chemie Universitaet Ulm D-89069 Ulm/Donau

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