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SubjectRe: sysvinit-2.60
In article <199605291352.IAA00204@andrewes>,
Andrew C. Esh <> wrote:
>Andrew E. Mileski writes:
> > >
> > > I upgraded my old Slackware system to sysvinit-2.60, and now shutdown
> > > sends init a runlevel 6, so get shoved into X every time I try to
> > > Ctrl-Alt-Del! Also, "init S" puts me in runlevel 5. "init 1" seems to
> > > work right, except that I need to do a killall5 afterward, or all my
> > > daemons hang around.
> > >
> > <snip>
> > > Is this weird or what?
> >
> > It is perfectly NORMAL, as you have not updated your rc scripts,
> > or inittab. This is actually explained in the docs.
>Now that I have been through this a little, with some feedback like
>this, and from others, I realize what is wrong. Thank you. I would
>like to point out that there is no mention in any document which comes
>in sysvinit-2.60-1.tar.gz about any changes to the rc scripts. I
>grepped, and read everything.

Hmm. The install file *does* mention that this release works for Debian
and RedHat, and _might_ work for Slackware 3.0 if you just drop the
binaries in. It doesn't say that it works for other versions does it?

> There is a mention of the addition of
>manpages for rc.boot.and rc.local, but no such manpages are included.

It's mentioned in the changelog and that is specifically targetted at
Debian. If you bothered too look in the debian/ directory you would have
found them.

>Someone else told me that this is a userspace problem, and therefor
>should not be discussed on this kernelspace-oriented list.

And that persion was right.

>I am
>discussing this here because I saw sysvinit-2.60 suggested here as a
>solution to some problems, and in Documentation/Changes, on line 33
>(1.99.7), the version of SysVinit shown is 2.60. This means that any
>Slackware user in my situation will have the same problems when they
>start using SysVinit, as suggested.

Yup. But when 2.0 comes out, I suggest everyone to upgrade to a
distribution that supports the 2.0 kernel natively, as you will
undoubtedly run into more problems. If you do not {want to|cannot}
understand this, I suggest that you do not upgrade at all and
stick to a working system (if it ain't broke, dont't fix it!)

>When Linux 2.0 comes out, that
>could wind up being quite a few whiney users. Maybe we should update
>the sysvinit package so that it includes more documentation, and a
>directory full of example rc scripts.

For outdated distributions? Even though mcc was the first "real" Linux
distribution (0.99.10, wasn't it?) I saw, I don't want to supply
scripts for that now. That's the job of a DISTRIBUTION MAINTAINER.
And yes, I am one of those. For Debian. FYI, RedHat has a sysvinit
2.60 RPM out. Does Slackware have a 2.60 update yet? If not, bug
_them_, not me!

> If I'd has those, you folks
>would never have heard from me (about this, at least :).

I will release a 2.62 that will mention _specifically_ what
is supported, what not and how to work around it. The README
file will be a bit more neutral in tone than this post though,
no worries ;)

> >
> > If you'd like some workable SysV scripts, just holler at me.

I just mailed you ;)

>Thanks to some suggestions from Robert O'Kane, I have a workable
>system. I really would like to drastically upgrade or even replace my
>rc scripts, though. They are way old.

Ah! You got it! complain to SlackWare...

> If it's not too much trouble,
>could you send me some (all) of yours? Is there or should we make a
>package available on TSX or Sunsite which contains SysV rc scripts? If
>there were such a thing, I would be glad to take the time to help the
>inrush of complaining Slackware users find it.

Believe me - if there was a drop-in solution, I would include
it. It's just that I don't use slackware myself, otherwise
I would have come with a compatible solution. Now I leave it
in the hands of the distribution maintainer.

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