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SubjectRe: linux on HFS? why not HPFS instead?
> With all of the discussion of HFS and UMSDOS, why not make a
> UMSDOS-type filesystem on HPFS? It already has full support
> for long filenames. It has 512-byte blocks (no brain damaged
> DOS clusters), and extended attributes could very easily be
> used to store permissions and other data.

yes! good idea.

i think the standard HPFS should work via extended attributes for
permissions, group, owner, etc. no special UHPFS would be necessary.

of course, the best thing would be to finally have a standard
non-case-sensitive file system on unix. preservation of case
is important, but being case-sensitive when looking up a file
is a serious time waster.

there was talk when 1.3.x was young about read-write HPFS being
one of the goals of this kernel version; is this still the case?


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