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SubjectRe: add dynamic registration to procfs_syms.c
>>>>> "Eyal" == Eyal Lebedinsky <> writes:

Eyal> I asked before and saw no fix yet, could we please add:
Eyal> X(proc_register_dynamic), X(proc_root), to fs/procfs_syms.c
Eyal> exports list? Without it one cannot add /proc entries from
Eyal> loadable modules.

I had a look at that too, and I think there is more to do then add the
exports. /usr/src/linux/fs/proc/:get_root_array() has a switch statement
with all known entries in /proc.
switch (type) {
return get_loadavg(page);

As a dynamic entered /proc/entry isn't in that list, we've got a problem.

But I am looking for it to, to add the registers of my SMC-SuperIO chip to
/proc. These registers need a special mechanisme to read out, doable
sensible only in kernel mode. And to write that device, writing that as a
module would handy ... :-)

Uwe Bonnes

Institut fuer Kernphysik Schlossgartenstrasse 9 64289 Darmstadt
--------- Tel. 06151 162516 -------- Fax. 06151 164321 ----------

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