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SubjectRe: Serial Console mini HOWTO
On 1 May 1996, Larry McVoy wrote:

> You'll also be bummed to learn that while you can lose the graphics card
> and monitor, most motherboards seem to want a keyboard plugged in to boot.
> If anyone has a trick to get rid of this limitation (I'll bet you can
> hot wire it somehow), let me know.

I ususally leave in a cheapo VGA card for when things go wrong. Many
modern systems have a CMOS setup setting for keyboard not installed, and
I also tell them to halt on no errors. Lots of my boxes have no keyboard
except when they're sick. it "bad" to plug in a keybard with the system running? I worry
about frying the keyboard controller...but I hate to power down. Never
know when the hard drive might decide not to spin back up.

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