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SubjectPPPd doesn't initialize the port


I am running linux 1.2.8 , and pppd 2.1.2 .

It seems that there is something wrong whenever the machines reboots, as you can't get the
port eg. /dev/cua2 initialized for modem usage with the chat script , regardless of the modem
or the port . I tried several ways , didn't work . The workaround is to start minicom
first , then exit with no initialize, then it will , chat , start to work properly .
What happens , is that as soon as you reboot, you can talk to the modem , but chat will not
be able to receive any answers from the modem :-(
So minicom seems to initialize the port (this has nothing to do with modem , as I didn't
turn the modem off or init it ) and accept answers from the modem , which wasn't the case
when I rebooted the machine .

I am looking for a c script that will just initialize the serial port as minicom , then exit
is it available anywhere ? If not , where can I look for more info . in doing such a script .

(I am not sure if this problem has been solved with the latest versions of pppd, the
kernel, or chat as I still running 1.2.8 )



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