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SubjectRe: Whee, Greased HedgeHog on Steroids, take 2
On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Andrew C. Esh wrote:
> Informal names will be made up of an adjective, a small animal,
> A verb which is being performed by the small animal, and a substance
> or object being operated on by the verb. The specific words are
> determined my the digit of the version number.
> Kernel 1.3.95 is a Greased HedgeHog on Steroids.
I'll beat Michael to the bunch and point out that `on' isn't a verb. =)
(It's a preposition.)

(pedant and proud)

#> Mike Shaver ( Ingenia Communications Corporation <#
#> Ignore the man behind the curtain. <#
#> <#
#> "And then I realized that it never should have worked in the first <#
#> place. Thus, it would not work again until rewritten." --- Anon. <#

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