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Subject1.3.97 unreliable
Dear kernel hackers,

I am, for the first time finding the linux kernel 1.3.97 and
libc-5.3.12 unreliable.

This is puzzling. I have found it slow before, sometimes broken and
possibly wonderful but never unreliable.

When rebooting sometimes it stops in the last stages saying
"no more processes at runlevel 6", sometimes it reboots alright.

When starting up sometimes syslogd doesn't start and I end up with
kernel messages over my running console. If syslogd failed to start
up, it can be started by hand all right.

Sometimes characters get lost on their way to the modem.

As mentioned in the 'net' mailing list, I am also having intermittant
networking problems. I am at present writing this mail on the xterm which
a few minutes ago was unpingable from my linux box.

I have lurked on the mailing list (well, if you
must know) and haven't seen any of these problems being reported by
anyone else, which is why they worry me in particular. Perhaps I am
imagining them, since we know that linux is bug-free :-)

| Timothy Towers,, Grimwiz on IRC, Linux/Net Guru |
| Don't believe everything you read, hear or say |
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