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SubjectRe: Serial Console mini HOWTO
Larry McVoy (, 1 May 1996 19:46:10 GMT 

> My /etc/lilo.conf on DEBUG looks like
> prompt


Another "must-have" LILO option is the "serial=1,9600n8" which not too
many people know about or use.

This invaluable little tip lets you choose what kernel to boot at
the serial console. Sure beats running around looking for a keyboard
and typing blind after you realize you forgot an sti() somewhere in
the kernel you just installed... ;-)

And any motherboard that doesn't have (or doesn't respect) the CMOS
setup option of "No keyboard installed" should be taken out and broken
over your knee. Sometimes using the cheezy keylock on the case in
conjunction with setting the "Halt on Error" to "None" will allow you
to avoid having a keyboard with these severely dain-bramaged boards.


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